Thank you for your submissions!  We'll announce the new design soon.

We're making new Here Be Monsters T-shirts!  

Last time, we stencil-bleached the HBM logo onto shirts.  This time, we're looking for something new!  Something strange and uniquely HBM.  

Seriously, we're open, so get weird with your ideas.  If we want to use your design, we'll get in touch, refine and finalize the design with you, then we'll pay you $450 USD for your design and mail you 2 shirts.  

Read over our guidelines and submit using the form below!

👉 Deadline: 11:59PM PST on Friday, June 30th, 2017 👈

Notes on Submissions:

  • Format: JPG/PNG.  (If we use your design, we'll organize a final hand-off with full quality files)
  • Image host: You'll need to upload your design to a 3rd party image host.  Imgur works well.  
  • Resolution: 1000+ pixels across
  • Multiple submissions: Feel free to submit multiple times.   But don't be a dork about it. 
  • Note: If none of the submitted designs tickle us, we'll either extend the deadline or just think of something ourselves.  i.e. there's no guarantee that we'll select any submitted design. 

What we're looking for:

  • A design that is thought-out, but not necessarily immaculate. If we like your idea, we'll refine it with you. 
  • A design that tastefully incorporates the HBM and KCRW logos. 

Helpful Files: 

Answered Questions:

Q: Does the design need to fit on the front of the tee, or is there flexibility for design on front and back?
A: Feel free to use the entirety of the shirt.  Printing techniques and costs are something that we'll be considering as we evaluate designs.  If you'd like to send a design with several versions, that's A-OK. 

Q: Do you want the designs submitted mocked on t-shirts, or do you want the designs submitted by itself?
A: This is up to you.   It's easier for us to understand an idea's overall feel and effect if we can see it on a shirt,  sized and placed how you'd like it.  However, if the design stands well by itself, it's fine to submit it bare.  i.e. There's no design we'd turn away just because it was or wasn't mocked up. 

👉 Have questions?  Send us a message. 👈


Submissions are now Closed