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"Somewhere between being wrapped in your favorite blanket and jumping off a cliff. This show is magic." 


–⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Wingilote on Apple Podcasts

Here Be Monsters is a podcast created by and for people interested in pursuing their fears and facing the unknown.  We’ve produced podcast episodes about crow death rituals, flesh eating beetles, internet scammers, nudism, hitchhiking, faith healing, transgender childhood, fake Sasquatch sightings, Cthulhu, psychological warfare, prayers to Satan, and more.  Dig through our archive a bit and you'll find shows about nearly everything.

KCRW (Santa Monica) distributes Here Be Monsters, along with Left, Right & Center, The Organist,  Unfictional and others.   We release 20 new episodes per year.  

Here are some more in-depth write-ups about the show:

How do I listen?

Search for us on any podcasting app.  We’re usually listed as “KCRW’s Here Be Monsters”.  Of course, you can also listen here on this website, but that’s a bit clunky.   For full instructions, check out our How To Listen page.

Do I need to start from the beginning?

No.  In fact, we recommend starting with more recent episodes.  Some of the earlier ones are….well….how do we put this gently?  The early episodes are “creative and interesting”, one might say….”poorly mixed”.  But really, start wherever you want to.

Here are some episodes we recommend all the time to new listeners:

Who produces Here Be Monsters?

Jeff Emtman started the show in 2012.  Bethany Denton joined in 2015.  Nick White is our editor at KCRW. Lots of other people contribute episodes.  All is revealed on our Contributors page.

How can I support the show?

The best thing you can do to help us out is tell your friends about HBM.  Say to them “I’ve found this podcast called ‘Here Be Monsters’.  I think you’d really like it.”   This helps a lot.

The other best thing you can do is become a member of KCRW. When you join, tell them that we sent you.   This tells KCRW that they’re not (completely) wasting their money on us.  Becoming a member of KCRW supports many people who do great work.   

If you’d like to send us money directly, you can do that on our “Donate” page.  Also, look at our store for HBM merch.

Can I advertise my business/product/service on Here Be Monsters?

If you aren't a slimeball and have a product or service that you’d like to advertise, send a message and tell us what you’re about.  We’ll get the ball rolling with our puppet-masters at KCRW!  

Bruh, you on Twitter / Facebook / Soundcloud / Instagram?

We're glad you asked. 


Bruh, you got swag?

Sometimes!  We do sell shirts, stickers and whatnot, but we tend to do limited runs.  So you’ll have to snag the merch when it’s hot. We announce new merch in the credits of episodes.   We accept all normal types of money.  Here’s our store.

Where does the show’s music come from?

We license music from (mostly) independent musicians.

Do you accept musical pitches?

Hell yeah! Mail us a link.  We look for the same things in music that we do in episode pitches a la “weird and heartfelt”, interesting concepts, etc.   If we put your music on HBM, we’ll pay you.  

Do you accept pitches?

Hell yeah! Mail us a pitch.  We look for fleshed out ideas about any topic touching on fear or the unknown.  In our books, concept trumps format.  Weird and heartfelt are our bread and butter.   Send us a couple paragraphs explaining your idea and send tape if you have it.  We pay.

Does HBM have bad words? / Should my kids listen?

Sometimes.  We cover a lot of dark topics.  We do our best to be mature about it though.  Regarding swear words, episodes with uncensored words will have “[EXPLICIT]” in the title. We also use this tag to denote episodes that contain rough or objectionable content.  In the latter case, we’ll usually have some kind of spoken warning at the beginning that explains the nature of the material.  Just remember that “explicit” is pretty arbitrary, so your mileage may vary.

What Equipment/Software/Hosting Do You Use?

Jeff started the show with a cheap recorder and a pair of headphones.  Since then, the equipment's grown considerably.  The long and short of it is that good sound doesn’t have to cost much.  Prices listed below are in USD and are highly approximate.  




Jeff has a soft spot for old, free plugins with terrible UIs and gritty sound.  A complete list here would be too long, but VST4free is good place to dig around.  Here are some classics:


What Other Podcasts Should I Listen To?

Thanks for reading! you deserve a high five!