Contributors and Staff

Contributors And Staff

Jeff Emtman – Producer / Host

Jeff Emtman is an artist based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts (formerly Seattle, Washington).  He created Here Be Monsters as a way to address his many fears. He also works on other projects, which live at

Episodes produced by Jeff

Bethany Denton – Managing Editor

Bethany Denton is the Managing Editor and a producer for Here Be Monsters. Originally from Montana, she now lives in Seattle, Washington and also works as a dog walker. Her cat, Milhouse, is an avid HBM listener.

Episodes produced by Bethany

Nick White – Editor at KCRW

Nick White is Here Be Monsters' editor at KCRW.  His work has been heard on various outlets around the world including NPR, the BBC World Service, Marketplace, WBEZ and WNYC.

Guest Producers

Lina Misitzis

Lina Misitzis' work has appeared on NPR, various podcasts, and her father's Facebook page. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her hairless cat named Varys. 

Episodes produced by Lina

Bridget Burnquist

Bridget Burnquist is an American traveler, writer, and radio producer.

Episodes produced by Bridget

Erica Heilman

Erica Heilman is the producer of a podcast called Rumble Strip. She lives in central Vermont with her son Henry.

Episodes produced by Erica

Eric Molinsky

Eric is the host of the podcast Imaginary Worlds on the Panoply network. He's produced stories for Studio 360, The New Yorker Radio Hour, 99% Invisible, Marketplace, Unfictional, NPR and WNYC's Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Episodes produced by Eric

Garrett Tiedemann

Garrett Tiedemann is a radio producer, journalist, filmmaker and composer. He works for American Public Media, and is the creator of CyNar Pictures. Garrett also works on the oral history project SisterStory, and produces The White Whale podcast.

Episodes produced by Garrett

Emile B. Klein

Emile Klein is a producer working in audio and visual. He has been featured by the New York Times, NPR, Vice, PBS, and USA Today. He tours the America on his bike, painting portraits of the people he meets for You're US.

Episodes produced by Emile

Shoppingspree Clark

Shoppingspree Clark is a musician and artist.  He is one half of a metal-noise-pop duo called Fake Sick.

Episodes produced by Shoppingspree

Luke Eldridge

Luke Eldridge is an independent radio producer and documentary maker from the UK.

Episodes produced by Luke

Molly Segal

Molly Segal is an independent producer based in Canada’s Rocky Mountains, producing radio documentaries for various CBC programs. 

Episodes produced by Molly

Lisa Cantrell

Lisa is the producer of An InExact Science and her work has been heard on KALW’s Crosscurrents. She tells people she’s allergic to cats—a claim that is highly disputed and still under investigation.

Episodes produced by Lisa

Colleen Leahy

Colleen Leahy is an independent radio producer based in Washington D.C. Her work has appeared on WBUR, NPR, and the podcast Sidewalks. She loves reading and taking naps. Check out her work here.

Episodes produced by Colleen

John Summerson

John Summerson is an animator and filmmaker living in Portland, Oregon. John is also a volunteer teacher, an avid musician, a middling pinball player, and an enthusiastically amateur fisherman.

Episodes produced by John

Christopher Mosson

Christopher Mosson is an independent radio producer based in San Francisco. He works with The Kitchen Sisters assisting with production and research. He's the former director of Rhino's Youth Center, where he spearheaded Indiana's first and only teen LGBT+ public affairs radio program.

Episodes produced by Christopher

Bec Fary

Bec Fary is an independent audio producer from Melbourne, Australia. She produces SleepTalker, the podcast about sleep, dreams, nightmares and what happens in your head after dark. 

Episodes produced by Bec

Alex Kime

Alex Kime is a writer and sound engineer based in Chicago, Illinois.

Episodes produced by Alex

Barry Lam

Barry Lam is the host and producer of Hi-Phi Nation, a story-driven philosophy podcast.  He is a philosophy professor at Vassar College, and is currently the Humanities Writ-Large Fellow in the Philosophy Department and StoryLab at Duke University

Episodes produced by Barry

Caitlin Pierce

Caitlin is an independent radio producer based in New York City. She produces a podcast about people who break boundaries called Borders Radio

Episodes produced by Caitlin

Marlo Mack

Marlo Mack writes about raising her transgender daughter on her blog, Gender Mom.  With her daughter's help, she produces a podcast about their life together called "How to Be a Girl".

Episodes produced by Marlo

Lauren Stelling

Lauren is a photographer and videographer based out of Seattle, Washington. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, cooking, collecting rocks, and playing with her scruffy-faced mystery mutt, Otter. She is most inspired by the creative people who surround her everyday life.

Episodes produced by Lauren

Mickey Capper

Mickey Capper is a radio producer and live audio specialist. His work has appeared on NPR, WBEZ, and 99% Invisible. He co-hosts a podcast about people who make radio called Tape and created a micro-podcast called Sidewalks.  He is a former producer of NPR's Invisibilia.

Episodes produced by Mickey