Here Be Monsters is on nearly every podcasting platform, so usually all it takes is a simple search for "Here Be Monsters" and a quick look for our rainbow HBM logo.

Below are links to our pages on our recommended podcast apps and our accounts on social media.

If you ever have trouble finding the show, don't be afraid to write us.

👉 Podcast Apps 👈


iTunes / Podcasts - Apple

If you use an Apple phone or tablet, you already have all you need to listen to Here Be Monsters.  Subscribe on iTunes or use the built in Podcasts App

Pocket Casts - Android

If you want to listen on an Android phone or tablet, we recommend using Pocket Casts, which is a wonderful app that has lots of helpful features for people who love podcasts.  It does cost a couple dollars, but if you listen to a lot of shows, you'll thank yourself for the purchase.  If you'd rather save the money for gumballs and get a free podcasting app for Android, we recommend BeyondPod or Soundcloud (see below).

Soundcloud - All

Soundcloud is Here Be Monsters' hometurf.  Way back in the day, Soundcloud actually gave HBM start-up money so Jeff could quit his job for a couple months to start the show.  But we love Soundcloud because of the beautiful interface and for the ability to add timed comments.  Check out their mobile apps too.

RSS Feed - Nerds alert!

If you don't know what this is, you probably don't need it.  

👉 Social Media 👈



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HBM has a very active Facebook page where you can find extra content like photos, original art, HBM sticker sightings, links of interest and, of course, updates on new episodes.  Let your voice be heard with other fans!


It finally happened.  We got a damn Twitter account.  It's pretty good, too. Follow us @HBMpodcast