Season 5 Soon!

These dinos know what's up. Image by Heinrich Harder, 1912.

We're returning for a 5th season very soon and we have 20 more fantastic stories coming for you.  We're again working with the good folk at KCRW's Independent Producer Project, which is good news all around. 

First release of Season 5 happens August 17th!

Need help remembering the date?  This will tickle your memory:

People Watching Magazine -- Available Now!

People Watching Magazine is a new project to showcase people being people. This first issue comes from a hitchhiking trip I took with Megan Harmon to Yellowstone. I was amazed by the tourists there and took a lot of candid portraits. This magazine is the result of the people watching I did that day.

People Watching: Old Faithful is available for purchase now!