Psychic Blob and The Radio Race

On a hot summer day in 2014, HBM host Jeff Emtman received a bit of amateur, backyard surgery from a fish biologist.  

It was for the KCRW 24 Hour Radio Race. which is a one day radio contest now in its fifth year.  The race gives contestants 24 hours to record, edit and publish  the most interesting radio story they can find.

The 2017 24 Hour Radio Race is happening on August 19th (Saturday), and you can sign up at

And, this should go without saying, but never give or receive amateur surgery.

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wet-slop-plop.wav (Among Other Sounds)


There are about 10,000 files in the Here Be Monsters sound library.   HBM producer Jeff Emtman has been recording, synthesizing and downloading them since way back before this show started.  And of these thousands of sounds, there’s a tiny subset of them that just keep winding up on podcast episodes.

On this interstitial episode, Jeff plays back some of these heavily-used sounds and asks whether they occur because of an inherent goodness, a force of habit, or some kind of weird nostalgia he feels for the early days of the podcast. 

The site Jeff often downloads sound from is (see Jeff’s download history).  A big thank you to the many recordists there who volunteer their work to the public domain, especially Felix Blume, a sound artist and sound engineer who is responsible for many of the site’s best recordings.

Season 5 Soon!

These dinos know what's up. Image by Heinrich Harder, 1912.

We're returning for a 5th season very soon and we have 20 more fantastic stories coming for you.  We're again working with the good folk at KCRW's Independent Producer Project, which is good news all around. 

First release of Season 5 happens August 17th!

Need help remembering the date?  This will tickle your memory:

Your Last Memory Of Being Free

This is a preview of our 60th episode and season 4 finale, which will be about a man who's lived his last two decades on an island in the Puget Sound of Washington against his will, and the trial that sought to free him.  In this preview, one of his defense lawyers, Andrew Morrison, asks him to recall the last time he remembers being free. 

For more information on the subject matter of this episode, please reference Chapter 71.09: Sexually Violent Predators in the Revised Code of Washington. 

Track Image is of McNeil Island, off the shores of Steilacoom, Washington. 

Music: The Black Spot

Lying in a Stranger's Grave

Carlos Gemora loved the feeling of the dirt at the cemetary where he used to dig graves.  One day he climbed down into the loamy, silty soil and looked up at the sky.  It felt like a womb... a death womb. 

This piece was produced by Alex Kime and Jeff Emtman, with support from Bethany Denton. Our editor at KCRW is Nick White.

Music by Nym and Lucky Dragons