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HBM094: The Fatigue of Violence

In the nearly 20 years that Susan Randall’s been working as a private investigator, she’s seen Vermont’s most disadvantaged people struggling to have life’s most basic amenities.  Sometimes her job is to interview people addicted to crack, to help determine whether they’re suitable parents. Sometimes her job is to examine blood spatter at gruesome crime scenes.  She recently helped defend a client who murdered a DCF worker in broad daylight.


Content Note:

Descriptions of violent crimes

Susan has seen how humanity’s worst instincts become possible where cyclical poverty, incarceration, and drug addiction wreak havoc on communities.

There’s a necessary split screen in Susan’s mind.  One screen shows a home life: dropping her kids off at lacrosse, helping them with school projects.  And another screen shows a work life: prison visitation rooms, run-down trailer parks, the color-shifted skin of a corpse.

Producer Erica Heilman interviewed Susan over the course of three years.  Erica is a private investigator herself, and Susan was her mentor. The two talk about the mechanics of the legal system, poverty and how to survive a job that takes such an emotional toll.

Erica produces the podcast Rumble Strip. Some of the audio on this episode came from here and here.  Jeff Emtman and Bethany Denton re-purposed this audio for Here Be Monsters.

Music:  The Black Spot

HBM016: 10,000 Juggalos

On this episode of the Here Be Monsters Podcast, Director Sean Dunne speaks of the bizarre culture of The Gathering where he found a system of mutual respect and "practicing what you preach" in every aspect from religious tolerance to settling bad drug deals.

The FBI classifies them as a gang. Pop culture has a field day with ridiculing them. But Juggalos and Juggalettes (followers of the Detroit-based rap duo The Insane Clown Posse) aren't going away. In fact, each summer, The Gathering of the Juggalos takes place in rural Illinois, drawing crowds of 10,000 from all over the world.

NOTE: There's a $#&%-ton of profanity in this episode.

The Documentary that Sean Dunne directed is called American Juggalo and is available for free, online at

Also, Sean is currently working on a documentary about the Oxycontin abuse epidemic taking place in West Virginia. The film is called Oxyana.

So, what is the the true nature of a Juggalo? Let us know what you think.

Music this week from The Black Spot and Lucky Dragons.

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