HBM106: Beautiful Stories about Dead Animals (part 2)

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This is a special two-part episode, in which Kryssanne Adams describes the many times where she’s seen death or inflicted it upon animals.

Content Note:
Animal slaughter and other descriptions of death

Kryssanne is a writer in Bellingham, Washington, where she also helps run the Bellingham Alternative Library, sings in a Threshold Choir, and works at a museum.

We turned these episodes into a book, which is available for purchase in our store.

Producer: Jeff Emtman
Editor: Jeff Emtman
Music: The Black Spot ||| Serocell

Kryssanne Adams. Photo by Jeff Emtman

Kryssanne Adams. Photo by Jeff Emtman

HBM001: Prisoner's Cinema


Prisoner's Cinema is a phenomena experienced by those who spend prolonged amounts of time in the dark.  The "Cinema" refers to the series of images that the mind creates, often emotionally intense or terrifying.  Prisoner's Cinema is the most extreme form of a symptom that I regularly experience called Entoptic (inside the eye) Phenomena.