We've joined forces with KCRW!

We're honored to announce that Here Be Monsters is now a podcast of KCRW's Independent Producer Project!

We chose KCRW because of their commitment to unusual and impactful programs. KCRW has a strong lineup of both on-air shows and podcasts, including: Strangers, Unfictional, The Organist, Left Right and Center, and Morning Becomes Eclectic.

What does this mean for the show?
HBM now has a fantastic editorial and tech team supporting the show. Also, Jeff and Bethany will be able to cut back (and eventually quit) their dayjobs to focus more on bringing you stories of the unknown.  It also means that you're able to subscribe to us via our page at KCRW and listen to us on the KCRW app.

What does this mean for you?
Only good things. Our 4th season will have 20 episodes, starting Wednesday. We'll release a new episode every other week for the next 9 months.

KCRW just published an interview with Jeff Emtman about the upcoming 4th season of Here Be Monsters.  There's a bonus babyfat picture in there.

See ya soon!