It’s our first book ever!

In late 2018, we released a 2 part series on animal death with the writer Kryssanne Adams.

Now, we’ve re-worked it into a small and short book with updated version of the stories we told in HBM105 & HBM106. Jeff’s written a forward that gives the stories context. And there’s also some really nice photos by Jeff and Kryssanne.

This would be a perfect gift for your 🤓 friends who are into 💀, 📷, 📚, and/or #organmeat

  • Beautiful color matte Cover

  • 5.5” x 8.5” Perfect bound

  • 54 Pages, greyscale

  • 7 full-bleed* photo spreads

Please note: delivery for this product is slower than most of our other products, since it is made on demand. Expect delivery in several weeks. Also, if you order multiple products they’ll likely show up in separate packages. Feel free to email us with any questions.

If you’re a very fast reader, ☝ here's a free e-book.

*Pun intended