Our mouthwatering HBM logo carved into a raw steak. We hope it brightens up your mantle, your child’s bedroom, or maybe even your toilet room. Perfect as a gift for your bloodthirsty podcast friends.

Timeless Elegance. Shameless Decadence.
The HBM Lifestyle.

Designed by Adam Fein (of Circles Shirt fame).

12 ¼ x 12 ¼ inch. Same size as an LP, so it fits nice in a record frame.

Printed on Royal Fiber Cottonwood 80# Cover, which is a speckled paper, matte, acid-free and 30% post-consumer recycled.  Let's be honest, it's more of an art print than a traditional poster.  But "Meat Art Print" is a terrible tongue twister.  

We'll even sign it and write you a special message if you want. Just select the "signed" option. We'll send you an email to get it all sorted out.  Higher cost is do to necessity the added cost of shipping and added time needed on our end.