Season 5 Soon!

These dinos know what's up. Image by Heinrich Harder, 1912.

We're returning for a 5th season very soon and we have 20 more fantastic stories coming for you.  We're again working with the good folk at KCRW's Independent Producer Project, which is good news all around. 

First release of Season 5 happens August 17th!

Need help remembering the date?  This will tickle your memory:

Season 3 Coming Soon

Fans, Friends, Family,

Here Be Monsters is currently taking a break from releasing shows so that we can further refine the quality of HBM's storytelling and production. These few short months of silence will be filled with research and experimentation to give you a better show. 

In Season 2, the ever-growing community of HBM Producers explored a darkened laundromat, a disappearing brain tumor, a face hidden under a luchador's mask, a burnt-out camper van, a fake Sasquatch suit, the inside of a womb, the history of medical leeches, the art of cadaver portraits, the secret songs of crickets and more.

Season 3 is already under production. It's not ready for your ears yet, but we want you to know that it's bigger, better, more beautiful, more terrible, more engaging, more difficult and more moving than anything you've heard in these first thirty episodes.  Season 3 should be ready in early April, 2014.

HBM has the most amazing fans of any indie podcast. It's truly a blessing to have you as sounding boards. Keep listening to the show, and sharing it with people you care about. Keep sending messages of support, critique and suggestions. And, do us a favor, explore the dark corners of the unknown, then let us know what you find. We'd love to hear it.